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Apartment building for Zbraslav

The house with eight flats and a commercial ground floor is designed for an irregular corner plot in the busy centre of Zbraslav. It relates to the surrounding buildings and complements the street frontage. The solid house with windows is arranged analogously to traditional architecture on a plinth, main mass and pitched roof. It takes on a contemporary expression through subtle detailing rather than being overly dominant in its overall expression where it would be out of place.

The study of the 'U Stromečku' apartment building in Prague-Zbraslav is based on a selected competition design, which the investor commissioned in 2015 from several architects. I reworked the design into a full-fledged study in the summer of 2017. Since 2018, the project has been going through a demanding permitting process (which unfortunately is not over even at the beginning of 2022).

Pracovní varianty fasády

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