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I will design your future home and help you face the challenges you may encounter on your journey to make it a reality.

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My areas of expertise:

Residental architecture 
  • Detailed architectural studies of individual and standard houses and their ensembles.

  • The basis for smooth processing of subsequent project documentation and implementation of the house.

Consultation of intentions or projects
  • Assessment of building plots in terms of future plans before their purchase (compliance with zoning regulations, evaluation of their limits and capacities).

  • Consultation of the necessary steps for obtaining the necessary statements, opinions and decisions from the administrative authorities and authorities concerned. Consultation on non-standard situations, the role of the party to the proceedings and the use of remedies.

  • Opposition and consultation of proposals and projects prepared for you by your architect or designer. 

What would I rather recommend one of my proven colleagues for?

  • Interior designs and projects.

  • Designs and projects of reconstruction and reconstruction, especially for listed buildings.

  • If you are only looking for a designer to prepare construction project documentation.

  • Small scale designs and projects, or conversely large scale commissions.

  • Completing designs and projects that have been worked on by another architect or designer.

  • Designs and projects that are, at first glance, outside the scope of legislation, local regulations or budget.

  • Procurement ("engineering") - providing the administration related to obtaining the necessary statements, opinions, approvals and decisions from administrators, concerned authorities and administrative bodies.

House design

Architectural study of a house. The price for the study is uniform, regardless of the size of the proposed house

6 000 €

(Designs of type houses or sets of houses are priced individually.)

How will the design of the house proceed?


Call or email me. Tell me about your intention. I will be happy if you tell me at the outset when, where and what you plan to build - this way I can be in the loop and give you practical information right away.

What might be of interest to you?

  • Why is there a uniform price for the study regardless of the size of the house?

After completing dozens of house studies, I've come to the realization that it takes me virtually the same amount of time to design whether I'm trying to tackle the smallest, cheapest house possible or designing a grand villa. It is always an intensive search for the best solution that rarely takes less than 150 hours of work time. The two most time-consuming stages of a study - sketching at the beginning and, conversely, producing the visualisations at the end - are almost always the same length. Compared with the usual method of setting fees by other architects, my price corresponds to the most ordinary medium-sized family house. Larger houses rarely require proportionately more work, and small houses are more complicated in terms of design, which is why I give them the same care that pays off for my clients in the implementation and operation of the house.

  • Will you get a sketch before committing to my services?

Unfortunately, you won't. To choose an architect, all you need is a portfolio of designs and projects and an initial meeting, which I offer free of charge. However, during the first meeting we will definitely discuss your specific plan and I will be happy to reveal what direction my thoughts are likely to take in the actual design process. Most experienced architects or architectural studios work exactly the same way - they don't need to do any specific work up front for free to get a commission. If you want a few specific designs to choose from, you will need to commission them from the studios you choose. When architects are approached to participate in such a small invited competition, some limited scope can be agreed upon compared to a full-scale study, but it always involves paying a so-called "sketch fee". Although this procedure is often quite expensive, it is surprisingly not entirely uncommon - quite often clients approach two or three selected studios in parallel to prepare a complete study.

  • What about the project documentation for permitting and implementation of the house?

By the end of 2021, I was also doing all subsequent stages of project documentation for most of the houses I designed. So I am able to not only design the house but also do the project documentation including some of the professions. Recently, however, designing has increasingly proven to be unsustainable - my scope has been very broad and designing has taken away from the time and energy I prefer to put into designing. At the same time, there is a growing number of clients who ask for only an architectural study and declare in advance that they have their own designer for the project; or I am increasingly encountering the fact that the project will be handled directly by the implementation company (the design & build method, which is increasingly appearing in houses especially in wooden construction, and I myself consider it very promising for the future). That is why I delegate projects to project designers who specialize in drawing up project documentation rather than designing. 

It is up to you to choose and commission the services of a project designer to further develop the architectural study. I recommend rather to use design companies that can guarantee coverage of the whole spectrum of necessary professions (i.e. not only the construction part, but also structural engineering, EP engineering etc.). If you don't have a pre-selected designer, I will of course help you to select and approach one.

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