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BIM, digitalisation and automation are the future of construction.
I'll help you prepare for it
and design more efficiently. 

Are you interested in BIM, digitalisation or using Archicad? 
Follow the channels where I share my know-how:

My areas of expertise:

  • Archicad implementation, automation and optimization.

  • Archicad training at all levels.

  • Custom templates and work environment setup.

  • Advanced modeling.

  • Creating and modifying library elements.

  • Programming and scripting in GDL, PARAM-O and Grasshopper.

  • Using external reference sources and modules.

  • Using Archicad with other tools.

BIM according to ISO 19650 standards and OpenBIM principles
  • Information management according to international standards ISO 19650, especially in the delivery phase of assets (projects and realisations).

  • Basic documents according to ISO 19650 (OIR, PIR, AIR, EIR, BEP, TIDP/MIDP, project information standard, information protocol, etc.).

  • Functions in information management of the appointing, lead appointed and appointed party ("BIM manager", "BIM coordinator").

Archicad + ISO 19650 and OpenBIM 
  • Setting up processes within the organisation in accordance with ISO 19650.

  • Setting up Archicad to work in accordance with ISO 19650, or as required by a project information standard or EIR.

  • BIM manual, Archicad template.

  • Setting up IFC exports and imports, use of BCF.

Are you an architectural studio or design office and are implementing BIM in your organisation or switching to Archicad?

Do you use Archicad but would like to work more efficiently and within a team?

Does the client want BIM or have you promised BIM on your own initiative, but you are not quite sure what it will mean for you?

Do you have to develop a BEP and other documents as part of the appointment?

Not sure how to use classifications and data standards?

Are you unable to set up exports to IFC so that others can actually work with them?


Individual personal or online consultations,

one-off training

60 € / hour

+ travel costs

Collaboration on projects

At the moment, I provide only individual consultations for capacity reasons.

Why you should reach out to me?

I am an Archicad expert

I have been using Archicad almost every working day since 2004. I have done hundreds of studies and projects of all scales and levels. I have completed GRAPHISOFT's intensive training program and certification. This gives me access to closed groups where the most experienced Archicad users from all over the world and Archicad developers meet. I regularly participate in online meetings and follow discussion forums where we exchange experiences and solve any problems and challenges.

My BIM certifications:

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