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House made of straw

A little cheap house for friends. The assignment was an interesting challenge: can a house built with natural materials (wood, straw, clay plaster, unfired bricks) look different from the Hobbit Hut? 

The house is based on the most proven principles: it has a real core, which contains everything necessary for its functioning. What it heats up here is used up no more than three metres away, and thanks to its brick walls it won't be hot in summer and cold in winter. Elementary, my dear Watson. A track winds round and round for the little racers, who can start off in the living room bathed in the light of the setting sun, run through the kitchen, where there will always be a good view of the Sunday lunch preparations, then take a straight line along the three bedrooms, where the best alarm clock in the form of the rays of the rising sun wakes the sleeper in the morning, and run back through the open vestibule to the living room. And then perhaps take a second longer lap on the terrace between the house and the large garden.

I made a study of a family house for a large garden on the outskirts of Ostrava in the hot summer of 2018, Alice Svobodová collaborated on the study. Based on the original agreement with the investors, the local designer continued on the follow-up stages of the project and I only consulted on modifications and changes. The house is currently under construction.

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