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Raumplan in Modřany

Ideally, work on the design of the future house starts long before the first sketch with consultations on choosing the right plot. In this case, the search took many months, but in the end, the investor and I were watching the sunset one late summer evening in a quiet spot overlooking a wide valley. In Ludvík Vaculík terms: a small but cosy plot. The house was preordained to take the smallest bite out of it - but at the same time, it should contain everything its future inhabitants wanted. The result is a house whose interior spaces spiral up in half-floors around a central staircase. From the dark basement garage to the distant views through the windows in the highest bedroom and den. Everything in it is designed just right, not a foot to spare.

The study of the house in Prague was made at the beginning of 2017. After I followed up the study with a complete project and ran the necessary fifty-eight "stamps", the house was realized from autumn 2018 to the end of 2019. And this was in a similarly ideal spirit to how my collaboration on the design began - I supervised the construction through weekly inspection days, and the house was completed down to the last details of the built-in furniture, which I designed together with Alice Svobodová exactly to measure.

The general contractor was Stavby SMUTNÝ s.r.o., the technical supervision of the investor was provided by Ing. Miroslav Vlček.

Původní architektonická studie

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