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House near Nový Jičín #2

The form of some houses is decided almost immediately. For others, and this is more characteristic of the way I work, the design process is a little less straightforward - the house has to be fine-tuned down to the smallest detail, including exploring various "blind alleys". In this case, the design process was even longer: this is the third completely different version, and the previous two, which I was involved in during my time at KMA, have even reached the design stage. But no wonder. The builders are looking for the ideal form of their second (and last) house. They have a beautiful plot of land and a wealth of experience to draw on. The work on this project is dynamic in a good way. It is hard to say what the finished house will look like, but one thing is certain: it will be perfect.

The architectural study is from the first half of 2020. Subsequently, together with my colleague Alice Svobodová and external designers, we developed a project for the permitting and implementation of the house. The construction is currently underway.

Original architectural study

Photos from realization (autumn 2021 - spring 2022)

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