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Concept #1

Family house in a village near a big city. On an elongated narrow plot, from which there are beautiful views of the countryside. A house just the right size - it needs to include everything a young family expects in their own home, plus something extra to make the home a home without blowing the budget. A small unobtrusive two-storey house with a gable roof. A house that is a house. Nothing more, nothing less. 

The study is a model, but the assignment and design are based on the real situation. I designed the house in the first half of 2016 on a specific plot for a specific builder. As it sometimes happens, after a seemingly clear brief and my initial efforts to come to terms with it, over the course of several consultations I got the feeling that our joint efforts were heading in a different direction than the right one. So I ended the collaboration. In my imaginary drawer I was left with a large amount of work, which included the concept of the house presented by me at the very first consultation (and therefore still without any intervention from the client). I didn't give up, and after a year I came back to it and completed the study in this form - and for the client, which for this case was myself. The house is feasible, but will remain unrealised in this form. It will continue to be an example of my architectural study, i.e. a response to the requirements of the builder and the potential of a particular site.

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