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Row house in Jičín

The world is small. At a moment when I had several projects "on the table" related in one way or another to my native Nový Jičín or nearby Starý Jičín, I was approached by a client with the intention of rebuilding an old terraced house in Jičín - the Rumcajs one. The house will be a comfortable home for her parents and a base for visiting children and friends.

From the beginning of the design process, we have worked with sensitivity and artistry - especially in terms of the expression of the street facade, which complements the row of houses in one of the main city streets. The aim was to create a house that would not attract too much attention, but on closer inspection would offer a number of interesting subtle details in the articulation of the façade. We have tuned the internal arrangement of the living space and the structure to a form in which nothing can be added or taken away.

I designed the architectural study for the reconstruction of a family house in Jičín in collaboration with Alice Svobodová in the first half of 2020. We are currently continuing work on the project.

Ladění ideálního návrhu v rámci práce na architektonické studii :)

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