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House in Hostouň near Prague

Based on the mutually positive experience with the previous design of another house, clients came back to me with another project - and I could once again see that returning clients are the best. At the first consultation, we went through several possible concepts together, and over the next three we fine-tuned the house down to the smallest detail. Everything here is just right. Behind the unassuming exterior lies a refined interior space that will be the backdrop for everyday family life. P.S. Don't look for a TV in the living room - instead, there will be a beautiful view of the garden with a swimming pond.

The architectural study was done by Alice Svobodová and I in the first half of 2021. I am currently working on the project documentation and the building permit process is going on in parallel. The building materials have already been purchased, so we are looking forward to the soon realization with our clients.

Photos from realization (spring 2023)

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