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House in Prague-Kunratice

A situation in which I already feel solid in my knuckles - the builders have purchased a small plot of land with an old unoccupied house. The views are not great this time, and behind the southern fence is a storage area where more houses are expected to be built. So everything essential had to take place within the house and its small garden with a few mature trees. The design went like clockwork, after the first consultation it was clear - all the more time to work out all the details. The result is a simple form with an unusual diagonal ridge of the gabled roof, a fine-tuned layout and a prospect of very economical operation.

The study of a family house in Prague is from the turn of 2017 and 2018. I followed it up with a project. The builders took advantage of the approximately one-year construction permitting period, which is unfortunately typical for Prague, to reconsider the very nature of the house - and the originally brick house became a wooden building. The advantage of my designing with the BIM method, thanks to which it was relatively easy to redesign the project, was fully demonstrated. 

The general contractor for the construction, which took place in 2019-2020, was Futurami.

Photos of the state just before completion (summer 2020)

Original architectural study

Photos from the construction (winter 2019/2020)

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