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Courtyard under the Štramberk Trúba

Petr Parléř Award 2009 - 3rd place (Award for contribution to the development of the city)

I passed the hill with the majestic Štramberk Trúba every day on my way to the Kopřivnice studio. So when the design of its foreground was among the topics announced in the competition for the Petr Parléř Prize, we could not help but take part. Compared to the other themes, it was an intimate assignment, but we still won third place in the competition of designs for large public spaces

Similarly to my first "Parléř", we first studied all available materials for a long time, then cleared the space of everything irrelevant and then added new elements. Inspired by the history, we loosened the base of the tower itself so that it could be walked around and its massiveness could be perceived by looking up through the glass roof. By removing all the extensions, we also freed up the historic half-timbered Jaroňek's shelter and added a prism with toilets, which - like the historic prevée - is built in front of the face of the walls. 

The co-author of the 2009 competition design is Kamil Mrva. Unfortunately, the design has remained, and probably will remain, only on paper. More information can be found on the Petr Parléř Society website.

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