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Concept #2 *

Catalogue House. Small, simple, cheap. Behold, a theme! Can it be done in any other way than a banal cube with a strange, almost flat roof? Some time ago I was approached by a potential developer, and I got the impetus to move from idle talk to a concrete proposal. Place unknown, context unknown, client unknown; well, it was idealized. The result is a form that is close to the general idea of a house as such. With a rectangular plan, a gable roof. With an entrance in the middle, so that the house can be easily placed on different types of land. At the same time, everything in the middle is essential and more complicated and expensive in terms of implementation. The individual living rooms then run out to the sides - four full-sized rooms in total, the size of which can easily be adapted by stretching or shortening the floor plan just slightly. With a floor area of just over 100 metres, there is no space to spare, so it is used as much as possible for storage or as additional living space outside the rooms themselves.

Explore the interiors of the house in virtual reality >
(The link opens a web app that allows you to freely look around several predefined locations in the interior of the house. You can intuitively switch between the different locations using the blue symbols.)
I worked on the design of the model house during the autumn of 2018. Alice Svobodová collaborated on the study. The design, although it originally had a real client, unfortunately ended up in a drawer.

*) PS: the first one is here >

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